L.O.V.E. Seeing as though we are in the business of love, we asked the girls in the office to share their most romantic date ideas for being wooed. Whether you have a large budget or a more modest one, these ideas are sure to inspire some dreamy couple time and maybe a proposal or two!

SAVE YOUR PENNIES (for the wedding)

Picnic Perfect

We love a good picnic. Here are our top 3 blanket meals.

A romantic picnic near waterfalls – Water is always a beautiful backdrop for romance, especially cascading over rocks or down stunning cliff faces.

A picnic for two with a view – An early morning hike up Mt Warning, NSW followed by a picnic breakfast.  Then escape to Byron Bay for a day of fun in the sun – swimming, reading mags and lots of exploring – followed by a DIY BBQ seafood dinner on Wategos Beach (Insider tip: the public BBQ’s there have the best ocean views!) as the sun goes down.
Living room picnic – A bottle of bubbles and an array of yummy tapas-style food to graze on while lazing around on blanket together. Cheap, super easy and you don’t have to make a reservation!



Twilight Walks

Our favourite time of day is twilight. The light is magical and you are soaking up the last little rays of sunshine (especially if you live in cooler temperatures). Strolling to a quiet little spot to watch the sunset is always a winner!


Lounge Room Love

Home is where the heart is with these homegrown ideas to inspire…
Jar of love – Present your partner with a jar filled with little notes you’ve been writing throughout the year about things that you love about them. Each note would have a date and a little thought you had.
Food love – Cook your partner their favourite meal accompanied by their favourite drink, then finish with their fav movie. Simple bliss.
Bedroom surprise – Getting home and being surprised with a new dress and jewellery on the bed with a note detailing when to be ready by a certain time for a surprise dinner / show (we saw that on a movie and we like it!).
Song of love – Shakespeare once said – If music be the food of love, play on –  Being sung to by your loved one would be ultra special (shower singing excluded).
Painted love – Grab a blank canvas and some paints and create a masterpiece together. Very fun!


Out and About Love

Massage – Pre-book a massage for your partner or book a couple massage.
Flowers at work – Flowers are always lovely and a nice surprise at work, everyone envies flowers at work.

Dance class – A spontaneous dance class can be really fun and guaranteed to get you both laughing! It’s the perfect light-hearted date and you get in some exercise too! After your exertions on the dance floor, head to a waterside restaurant or cafe a fresh, light lunch and a cheeky cocktail.

Cocktails on top of the world – Roof top cocktails with your beau are great – a perfect excuse to get dolled up and feel glamorous for the evening! The more colourful and creative the drinks the better. The excitement of trying new ones and each others is always nice too.


SPLURGE (on everything)

Sometimes, being extravagant is just right. If you wanna splurge on a date…take us with you!
Escape to paradise – Being picked up at work on Friday afternoon by your partner – bags already packed and kaftan waiting. Whisked away to Hayman Island, arriving of course in style via sea plane. Spending a weekend at the One and Only Resort lounging by the pool, attempting some water sports, spa treatments and an abundance of french champagne.



Dinner under the stars – If you have the money, this is totally worth it for the experience and the memories. Experience ‘Tali Wiru’ at Uluru – five star dining under the stars in the middle of the desert supping champagne and looking on in awe at the spiritual wonder of Uluru in the distance as the sun sets!


Our Sydney planner, Hannah, shared this indulgent date with us.
“Surprises are the best! My boyfriend turned up at work one day and took me to Prague!! Everyone in the whole office knew apart from me.”
This little gem came from our graphic designer and marketing manager, Kristin, of Tin Mouse Marketing. We just love the simplicity of this thoughtful love gesture.
“One of the favourite things about our wedding was the flowers and I just loved my bouquet. The first four years we were married, my husband got me a bouquet from the same place we had our wedding flowers done and in the same way. It was the most beautiful gift, I loved it so much.”


We are in the mood for love tomorrow.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
w+w Team x.
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